Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some of my achievements

The achievements are the result of a team. I do know that in all the cases below, without me, it would not have been easy or possible at all.

Sometimes I had to teach myself new things. Sometimes I had to completely develop new things).

Usually the situation was: we have run out of ideas, failure is not an option.Usually it drew on my key strengths: intelligence, pragmatism and hands-on. And this resulted in achievements of which a few are in the table below. And what strikes me, it is always business and people oriented.

The situation I got in
What I did
The result
A family owned business ran into trouble due to heavy price competition. CEO had two needs: get a viable market proposition, save my time.
Listen and help to organize and test their thinking using some TOC techniques.
The CEO got the time he wanted to do things he wanted to do
A marketing strategy that writes black number for over 10+ years now
Best guestimate 3 months overrun of a project, huge penalty
Structuring the project, introducing early-warning, smart scoping
On time compliant, no penalties
Basisverzekering, project was not on track
Structuring the project, pleasing external auditors and (intermediate) inspecting the migration
99.99+% good migration, 100% auditable, the 0.009% identified to be handled manually
The programme manager nor one of the big five consultancies couldn’t get the project going to reduce the number of working days for quarterly closing
Structuring the new closing process (exit big five), supervising & troubleshooting compliance to the new process, making sure everybody was aligned. Supporting and in the end succeeding the programme manager.
Quarterly closing process was finished in time according to specs.
A very daring idea for providing special care, high on the national political agenda with sufficient people around hoping it would fail.
Structuring the project and sparring with project manager
A viable center operational without any serious glitches.
An investor wanted a ‘sexy’ online employee research tool including some novel ideas
Design many of the use case, basic interaction, modeling of questions to recommendations, aligning business with s/w development
State-of-the art tool
A guy who had a good idea but lacked a software tool
Created the algorithms, a working demo to buy him some time for getting a professional version developed, advise him in how to continue to build his business
One happy guy

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