Thursday, June 6, 2013

Busy with BPR-Toolbox

Past couple of weeks I've been busy helping to further develop the BPR-Toolbox from Eforis.

From a personal perspective a very nice and interesting job. Lots of stuff going on, working with really smart people that like to push things and be reasonable as well. One of the first requirements was: we want a sexy application. Given the feedback we get, we managed this nicely.

From a user perspective, there is nothing that comes close the BPR-Toolbox. This is also the conclusion of an independent report.

Smart solutioning is always important and so far we manage quite well. Like for documentation we have now moved to a blogspot. Of course tagging and searching works excellent in this standard feature. And rather than committing a lot of words into documents, we work a lot with screen recordings. There is always so much you can put in text and on screen, well, it works by example. And with the flipcard feature of blogspot it becomes very nice, dynamic and interesting. And the parts we want for ourselves we can easily shield while maintaining open access.

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