Friday, March 22, 2013

Guest Lecture on Caluwé - Day 2

For the past few years I give a guest lecture on the Color Theory of Caluwé at the university of Maastricht.
It is an interesting theme, especially because it is a highly interactive guest lecture.

interactive = experiments = not everything works = lots to learn

The students already got the theoretical part. Now parallel to my guest lecture they have to work on a case. The teachers involved act like Members of the Board of a hospital and studens have to act as consultants. A lot is happening outstide the guest lectures.

During the guest lectures students can come up with all sorts of (practical) questions. The whole idea is to expose the students in a 'differrent' way so they experience the color theory in many ways.

Today it is going to be an interesting guest lecture. It is the day for demonstrating, experiencing is a better word, of a rather white-print intervention. For this we came up with HELP: Hear, Explore, Learn & Propose.

This HELP intervention, which can be pretty green, is made "white". Last year the first 10 minutes were actually quite 'interesting'. What now? What are we supposed to do? How must we do it? And as soon as they had settled themselves in some kind of working mode, we put out questions that created divergence again.

I am really looking forward to see how it goes this year. Interestingly, is what happened last year. Without even having thought about it to create such a situation. The differerent groups that formed centered themselves around a dominant colour. A few groups where blue print, one groep was green print and a few print groups.

For the interested:


Yellow print:
Blue print:
Red print:
Green print:
White print:


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